Forms and Links

Please consult these links prior to coming to Westmoreland Landfill. Depending on the size and makeup of your load, you may be required to provide special permitting or documentation.

State Forms

The Waste Transportation Safety (Act 90) requires all waste transportation vehicles (trucks and truck tractors with a registered gross vehicle weight greater than 17,000 lbs., and trailers with a registered gross vehicle weight greater than 10,000 lbs.) transporting municipal or residual waste to waste processing or disposal facilities in Pennsylvania to have a valid Waste Transporter Authorization. The law prohibits processing and disposal facilities from accepting waste from waste transportation vehicles that do not have a valid authorization.
Form U is required for the disposal of Residual Waste.

Form 43 Request for Approval to Dispose or Process Sewage Sludge

Helpful Links

E-Waste: Westmoreland Landfill cannot accept electronic waste such as televisions and computers. For information on proper e waste disposal, please visit this DEP web site.

PA Regulations governing Municipal Waste.

PA Regulations governing Residual Waste.

Information on Household Hazardous Waste.

PA Department of Environmental Protection Website for the Solid Waste Program.

For further questions about what we accept or needed documentation, please contact us.